Friday, January 21, 2011

The Honest (and bothersome) Truth...

These are the days....they're flying by....I know I'm going to miss them in the future (the very near, I'm afraid)....and yet, frustratingly, I am still letting 'life' get in the way of that. 

I catch myself trying to finish folding that last basket of laundry before joining in on the Play-Doh, worrying about loading the dishwasher instead of joining them at the table for lunch, and limiting the book reading from the many requested to a few so that I can get something done before I'm ready for bed myself.  I'm avoiding laying down to watch them fall asleep at naptime in fear that it will become a bad habit and offering up just a few too many "Mommy will help you in a minute"s.

These two little girls that I spend my every day (and lately, night too) with are changing, growing, evolving in some incredible way, every single day.  And some days (too many), I'm watching that change at a distance, from the sink or with something else on my mind. 

They are wonderful, beautiful, smart, and funny little people, with such big hearts.  I am so very lucky to wake to their faces each morning, watch them slowly wake up on the couch, see their energy level increase throughout the day, play (and fight) so well together, get so excited when Daddy comes home, and spend time together before bedtime....I'm so, so lucky. 

Is it the nature of the motherhood-beast (for lack of a better term, and because, some days I am!) that there is always a need for something to be done, cleaned, organized?  Or is it God's way of reminding me, daily, to look at my priorities and challenge me to choose them over the doing, cleaning, and organizing?!

I just 'put', Brynn down for a nap.  Her usual request for me to lay with her was the same...and my response was typical.  Then, I changed my mind.  I layed nose-to-nose and watched her bat her heavy eyes to sleep.  After all, why not?  In a few short years, she's not going to be home at naptime. 

I know this challenge is going to continue - life is too fast, busy, and hectic for me to feel comfortable sitting on the floor all day, building trains, and changing doll clothes 48 times.  But life is just that....too fast.  And someday, I'm going to have plenty of time to get the house clean.

So, for now, I'm challenging myself to soak in every moment with my babes.  Save the cleaning, laundry, and organizing for when they're fast asleep...not still peeking to make sure I'm next to them. 

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  1. Well said Amy. I do the same things and I know that there will be a day (in the near future) when I will be wishing for these days back.
    - Melissa